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My Story

I Never Really Thought Food Mattered!

I grew up eating three home-cooked meals a day, not snacking, drinking mostly water and minimal fruit juices, but no pop or other sugary drinks.

As I got out on my own and started to make food choices for myself I ate for taste not for nutrition. I had no idea what healthy eating was; I just ate what looked good. My dad use to say, “don't live to eat, eat to live.” I would think, “its not that serious, Dad”. As I continued to eat all the junk food that was so enjoyable, I noticed things started to happen to my body that never happened before. However, I still thought that it had nothing to do with my eating because I stayed active doing aerobics, volleyball, and other activities. I thought that if you stayed active, it was enough.

It worked for a while, but my weight became harder and harder to maintain. You know how you go from shorts to sweatpants? So, I decided to work harder and harder, going on extreme diets and exercise programs but my weight continued to rise and I came down with eczema all over my skin.

When my daughter was born she had many allergies; she would cry all the time day and night. I remember her skin would be raw in spots. My husband, Dr. Bobby Scales, had been working with people with food allergies and told me I was the problem and that it was something that I was eating. Mine you, I was a "chocaholic"; I ate a lot of dairy and sugar but I still thought that it couldn't have been me.

After a while, I gave in and said, “Ok, what do I do?” After about 10 days of being off all sugar, wheat, and dairy we saw improvement. Even with my eczema, I saw changes. Before long, my daughter’s disposition started to change. She was able to sleep and her skin cleared up; she became much more pleasant. This experience helped me to see that food does make a difference.

There are many more testimonies that I could share, but to make a long story short, food is to supply the body with energy so that you can successfully do the things that you need to do throughout the day. As my children grew, we all had allergy testing at one time and saw that we all suffered from multiple allergies. When those foods were eliminated, attitudes changed, the way our bodies functioned changed, and our digestion improved. We learned many lessons as we continued the journey that I will share with you.

As we continued, I became more teachable and open to suggestions for improvements. At the beginning, I just didn't want to hear what I was doing wrong. I wanted to eat what I wanted to eat, and I did not care whether it benefited or damaged my body. Sound familiar? Now, I am very aware and take a special interest in what is nutritious and what is poisonous to my health.

My desire is to take what I’ve learned and share with others.

God Bless, 

     Tannya Scales


Certified Wellness Coach

 Certified Colon Hydro Therapist


 Certified Nutritional Consultant

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