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Wellness Coaching Programs

Employee Wellness Groups


Friend Wellness Groups



Cooking Classes

One-on-One Wellness Coaching

Family/Friend Group Wellness Coaching

Gather at least 5 family members & friends and motivate each other through the life changing, wellness program that we offer. Receive a goal questionnaire consultation, progress tracking logs, recipes, and informative handouts for each stage of the wellness program.

Individual, CustomWellness Coaching

Receive a personalized plan to achieve wellness and easily keep it in your life. Complete wellness goal questionnaire and personal consultation to determine the right plan for you. Receive continuous motivation, as well as fitness & recipe ideas. Track your progress and maintain wellness success in your life.

Employee Group Wellness Coaching

Create a healthy and positive atmosphere for your employees. My Employee Group Wellness Program will boost moral, unity, and energy in any establishment. Enhance teamwork through accountability and motivation while decreasing insurance premiums & generating tax deductions.  

Group Cooking Classes


Nutrition Consultations Also Available

Complete a Nutritional Consultation to put you on the right path to wellness, receive delicious & nutritious recipes, and attend open classes or group sessions to learn how to Eat the Rainbow EVERY DAY

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